Will my website be safe and secure? This is a common question asked when a person is considering building their first site or redesigning a new site. Our answer is: Yes, absolutely. We recognize the importance of maintaining a professional, secure website. Your reputation depends on it. We’ll work with you to design a security package that’s right for you and your business.

Site Security Services

Site security comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. We'll help you decipher what site security you should put in place on your website to reduce your chances of being hacked. Below are a sampling of common site security services we offer.


A Word To The Wise About Site Security

You may not think your site has anything worth being hacked for, but websites of all sizes are compromised all the time. The majority of website security breaches are not to steal your data or deface your website, but instead, attempts to use your server as an email relay for spam, or to set up a temporary web server, normally to serve files of an illegal nature. Hacking is regularly performed by automated scripts written to scour the Internet in an attempt to exploit known website security issues in software. Site security should not be taken lightly.

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