Frequency, Yahoo!, and Predicting the Future

In the movie Frequency, an interesting take on time travel, the main character John is able to talk to his dad over short-wave radio 30 years apart to save his dad’s life by warning him how he died.

From there, the present changes and then all sorts of movie magic takes place, with plots twists and thrills that only Hollywood can come up with.

At one point in the movie, the present-day, grown-up John gets to talk to his 6 year-old childhood friend in the past. As his friend listens, John says, “I want you to remember this word, okay? It’s kind of like a code word: Yahoo. Can you remember that?”

At the end of the movie, we find out that his friend grows up and becomes rich after investing in Yahoo!, his sports car’s license plate displaying 1YAHOO as the credits begin to roll.

Of course, at the time it was made (2000), Yahoo! was the undisputed Internet King, so it made sense that John would tell his friend to invest in the company.

Had John known, though, he should have made the code word “Google” because, well, Google is the new Yahoo!

So, what will be the next Google?

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