Gone In a Flash

Quality vs Quantity

Twice a year in Paris, retailers stage huge sales. Here in America, of course, there’s a sale every other day, sometimes even several within a single day. But in the land of the Louvre, retailers only really hold massive sales every spring and winter.

The main difference between their sales and American sales, though, is one of quality over quantity.

While we may enjoy 15% off here and 10% off there, Parisians enjoy up to 80% off of hoity-toity handbags and, one could only assume, tiny dogs that fit inside of them.

Think of them as Black Friday Sales that come twice a year.

Sales, of course, are a great way for retailers and shops to get rid of under-performing or obsolete merchandise. In the digital age, though, it’s become even easier to unload the old to make room for the new thanks to the relatively new phenomenon of flash sales.

Flash Sales

No, flash sales do not involved Adobe software or trench coats – they’re simply online clearance racks. Like Groupon, sites such as Jasmere.com or Shadora.com offer group-scaled pricing and make goods available only for a short window of time.

It may be something to look into with your online business, as such sites have been catching on, and not just with the deal-seekers or those crazy ladies you see on Extreme Couponing. Indeed, with the current sloth-like economy, having an “online equivalent of an outlet mall” only makes sense.

Tiny dogs in expensive purses? Not so much.

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