Why Words Matter | Groupon Is Here to Stay

We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword, but is it mightier than your sales department?

Some companies are betting on it, and most likely you should, too.

This weekend, The New York Times article on Groupon didn't focus on their business model, their celestial rise, or their billion dollar Google dodge. Instead, the Times focused on what truly makes the company stand aside from the rest of the group coupon and daily deal sites: their content.

“People have grown numb to the elements of advertising that pander to their fears and hopes,” says Groupon’s editor in chief Aaron With. “[It] insults their intelligence with safe, bland approaches at creativity.”

Instead, the company focuses on creating memorable, witty headlines and copy to entice their users to buy, click, and print a Groupon.

As With points out, most of Groupon’s target audience makes more than $100K a year, so saving twenty dollars on a yoga class isn’t what’s making them click, it’s the copy that’s clicking with them.

It’s certainly something to keep in mind when creating your own copy. Yes, words are powerful, but without the thought behind them, they can be as easily overlooked by your audience as subtlety is overlooked by Michael Bay.

The key, of course, is to keep the copy fresh and fun while still getting your message across.

So, perhaps instead of worrying about your business model, your competition, or your brand image, you should instead focus on what really matters: your words.

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