There is No Secret SEO Formula

How Design Can Impact SEO

There are many talented designers and developers in the industry. When choosing the right company to help you increase your online exposure and improve your search engine marketing, it is important to know who can help most—and who might actually harm your efforts.

  • Freelancer Developers:
    A great looking design with cool effects, movie introductions, and swirling globes will not attract visitors.
  • Print Advertising Agencies:
    High-graphic web designs are proven to not be search engine friendly.
  • Bryan in the Mail Room, Part-Time Developer:
    It costs more to correct the mistakes of a part-time, for-the-fun-of-it designer than if you hired a professional.
  • Alexandria, College Junior Majoring In Technology:
    Site marketing and search engine optimization takes more than whipping up a few meta tags and descriptions.

Professional Design

Don’t be disappointed. A professional design alone won’t increase profits. Paying for search engine placement costs a fortune and it typically has only a return of 1-2%. By focusing on the big picture, planning carefully, and following a holistic approach to the development and marketing process, your organization will experience success.

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