Search Engine Marketing: Grab Your Fair Share of Visitors

Your website is a virtual salesperson for your business. Are customers beating down your doors with business?

Simply having a website sitting in cyberspace doesn’t guarantee visitors. You haven’t found this out the hard way, have you? Fortunately there is something you can do to generate more traffic: it’s called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Search Engine Marketing: Why Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Matters

Search engine marketing (SEM) can deliver huge numbers of qualified prospects to your website. But that’s just the first step. A comprehensive SEM campaign should also aim to persuade prospects to take the specific actions you want them to take. Your SEM campaign should close the loop by providing metrics and analytics to drive ongoing improvements that will net you the highest possible online marketing ROI.

Search Engine Marketing: Optimize Your Website For The Long Term

A visitor to your website has already made four to five distinct choices before arriving. They have chosen to go online and utilize a search engine to find information. They have selected specific search properties on which to conduct their search. They have selected a keyword or phrase on which to query. They have selected your website from a list of competing websites within the search results. In short, they are consciously coming to you for information.SEM is not “push” or “intrusion” marketing like email, pop-ups, or banners. You’re not forcing your message on people who don’t want to hear it. You’re ensuring that your website is positioned in the path of visitors who want to engage with you. This produces a higher conversion rate, lower cost, and a higher ROI.

Search Engine Marketing: Online Marketing Goals Are Critical For Success

As an online marketer, your objective is to drive visitors to your website and eventually convert those visitors into customers. To accomplish this, you may already be utilizing channels such as banner ads, email blasts, pop-ups and pop-unders. These are all “push” techniques, whose purpose is to create demand where it may not yet exist. However, in order to have a fully realized online marketing strategy, you must also employ “pull” techniques, whose purpose is to generate website traffic by focusing on what your potential customers want and are already seeking.

Realistic Goals Are Also Important

If you target your product or service to everybody, then you have a pretty large target audience, and your SEM efforts should use a broad strategy. On the other hand, if your product or service is narrower, then you might need to be creative to capture your target audience.

Companies are realizing that web-based techniques and strategies must be approached like any traditional marketing activity. Fundamental questions must still be answered:

  • Who are our customers?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • What are the channel dynamics?
  • Which marketing mix strategies are most effective?
  • Are our business models realistic?
  • How and when we will make a return on investment?

Search Engine Marketing Produces Superior ROI Because Visitors Are Pre-Qualified

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