Orange You Glad It's All-Natural?

Know Your Market

One of my favorite snacks is Cheetos Natural, which funnily enough, is sold in the health food aisle at the grocery store.

They aren’t your normal Cheetos, though – they are made of white cheddar, so your shirt and fingers don’t look Oompa-Loompa orange after devouring a bag. As far as the “all-natural” labeling, well, arsenic is “all-natural” so you have to take it with a grain of salt, which there’s plenty of as well.

Natural Cheetos have been around for years, so it was surprising to many of us when Frito Lay recently decided to change the ingredients in many of its products to “all-natural” ingredients, deviating from old standbys such as Red 40 and FD&C.

Two chips they aren’t changing, though? Cheetos and Doritos.

But why?

Turns out, the Frito Lay folks are afraid of losing the coveted “teen” market if they let young snack eaters know that their favorite chips have been tainted with – horror of horrors! – healthier ingredients.

If anything, it’s an interesting example of how upgrading your product may alienate your market

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