The (Not-So) Surprising Reasons Consumers Seek Your Brand on Social Media

What Consumers Really Want

“You know what consumers really want?” the CEO asks his employees. No one offered an answer.

“Connection!” he says enthusiastically. “Consumers want to connect with our brand on Facebook and Twitter. They want to feel connected and learn about new products and engage with our brand!” Is this CEOa) right on – consumers go to their favorite social network sites to engage with brands, orb) delusional?

Social Media Connections

If you’ve been following the social media gurus for the past few years, you probably would tend to agree with our enthused CEO. Google the phrase “How to engage in social media” and you’ll get some 16 million results. From books to speakers to DVDs, everyone is following the “engagement” ideology.

Which is why the results from a recent IBM research study were so surprising, at least to our CEO friend.

As you can see from the image above, what consumers found most important with regards to “engagement” with brands on social media were the same things CEOs and businesses deemed least important. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Read the study for yourself, and put yourself in a consumer’s shoes (not a CEO’s) when reading it. Most consumers go to social media sites to connect with their friends and family, not to connect with your brand.

Get over your disillusionment about your brand’s importance in the social media realm and realize that if you really want to connect with your consumers on Facebook or Twitter, offer them a discount. Because that’s what they are really looking for.

After all, when it comes to social media, it’s personal, it’s not business.

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