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The Web Is Not Print--Why That's Important

Print and the internet can complement each other. The web is not print though. Things that work in print can look a little odd online.

Thin lines. Some colors. Some fonts. Some typography. Of course, not everything looks different. A lot of things look just fine, heck, even great. And it’s not just aesthetics. Some copy doesn’t work. Some spacing and layouts—not so good for the web. Web design is not repurposing print material—at least it shouldn’t be. Good web design uses your print and collateral pieces and recreates them for another medium. Influences, hints, and suggestions all make it to the web, but your brochure is probably not going to become a very good website. Web pages are not book pages or brochure pages: they are fully functional, interactive, choose-your-own-adventure pages, that link and interconnect and can go “forward” or “backward” or in whatever order the visitor wants to go.

Web Designers Have Web Skills

Web design, and video and multimedia design, require people who have experience designing for those media. They require people who have experience writing for that media. Planning a website or an interactive disc involves a process flow, a design architecture, and a user interface that lets the correct information be found easily. Websites require knowledge of search engine optimization, and seo strategy, pay per click, analytics, custom applications, and possibly ecommerce or other specialized functionality.

When looking for an agency, don’t look for a great design studio or someone with amazing print work. Look for an agency that has a strong portfolio of work in the area you need.

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