History of Websites (According to GoZapIt)

The History

Once upon a time, there was no internet. (Shocking, but true.)

With the speed of change we’ve seen in the last few decades, websites have gone through some dramatic changes. Here are the Stages of Websites (as we see it).

Web Presence

We have to be online!!! Remember when your company built its first website? Nothing really mattered except Being On The Web. Early sites (often called brochure sites) were very static, flat, uninteresting places. Their very dullness launched

Looking Cool

the need to look cool on the web. Enter the age of video games, bright lights, and flash. If your site had more glitz and glam than your competitors, life was good. Of course, glitz, glam, and flash intros didn’t drive business. Which led to

Interactive Sites

a refocus on the business. Sites became structured to help users find the content they needed to make a decision. Gone were distracting intros which delayed entry into the core of the site. The focus was on using websites to grow sales, retain customers, and generate more quality leads. But those customers refused to sit still at their computers leading to the

Responsive Design

Age of Mobility. Customers today want to be able to access websites wherever they are and with whatever devise they happen to have handy. Today’s websites are designed not only to help the business grow, but to be used on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones (known as responsive design). Which raises the question

Tomorrow’s Technology

What will be next? We wish we knew. What we do know is that changes will continue to appear with record-breaking speed. Companies that stay current with technology and quick to respond to customer needs will be successful for the long run.

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