Godin Goads Us To Get Creative

The Industrial Age Is Over

So says uber marketing guru Seth Godin. On Friday, Goden spoke with Kai Ryssdal of Markeplace fame about the flux that our economy has been going through and how every single one of us has to change what we think about our roles in the workplace.

For Godin, the answer is simple: the industrial age is over. To make it in this new era, you’re going to have to use your creativity and ingenuity, not your muscle and your ability to take orders.

To be sure, Godin has a great point. Since 2001, we’ve seen some 40,000 factories close. Some of these factory closings were a result of outsourcing, but some of them were simply a result of a new engine driving the U.S. economy: one of idea-based rather than labor-based jobs.

Like Billy Joel’s “Allentown,” we’re closing all the factories down and, as Springsteen’s foreman said, these jobs are going boys, and they ain’t coming back.

Many are bemoaning this sea change, pining for the days of old when a hard day’s work in a factory automatically got you a pension and a slice of the “American Dream.” But the world keeps on, and the jobs we create from here on out will look a lot different than the ones we’ve lost.

“The Industrial Age is dying,” says Godin. “We now have an abundance of almost everything — an abundance of spectrum, an abundance of resources…what’s scarce are human beings who are willing to stand up and say, ‘Me. I’m ready. Here. It’s done.’”

The trick is, can we adjust our sails in time to meet this new age’s challenges?

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