Five Simple Tips to Increase Your Website Sales

Your online shop is up and running and everything is ready for doing business. Now it’s time to get some action! Your plan for this year is to increase sales through your website. Here are five great tips to pint you in the right direction and reach that goal.

Be Competitive

Your ecommerce web store is not the only store in town. Yes, being on the internet makes it easier for your customers to find you, but it also makes it easier for those customers to compare your product or service to other vendors. If you’re not competitive in terms of price, variety, and features, your potential customers will figure that out quickly and take their business elsewhere.

Make It Easy

Test your site. Owners of physical locations do a walk through every morning. You may not need to check your site quite that often, but you do need to visit it regularly. Go through your site with a critical eye or, better yet, get someone not familiar with your site to analyze it. Does everything work? Are there any broken links? Do they find the navigation simple to understand? Do you have high quality search and sort features? Is checkout easy and intuitive? The checkout process should be super smooth. The most deterring thing ever that can hurt your sales is if the final click to purchase does not go through for some reason and you have to select product and fill in all the billing information again.

Up to Date

You’re standing on the street in front of two stores. One is well kept, has nice signage, is bright and inviting. The other has peeling paint, a letter missing from the sign, and an odd odor seeps out each time the door opens. Which establishment are you going in to? Your visitors feel the same way about your website. If it feels dated, they will assume your product or service is dated. If it’s not current, they’ll assume you haven’t paid much attention to your updating your product. If there are problems with the site, they’ll assume there will be problems with delivery.


You need traffic. No matter how wonderful your site is, if your mother is the only one visiting you aren’t going to get the sales volume you’re hoping for. Traffic doesn’t happen overnight. Even great ad campaigns or SEO can only drive so much traffic. Set realistic and reasonable expectations about how much business you can generate directly from your website.

Great Design

Don’t underestimate eye candy. Brick and mortar stores spend significant time, money, and effort on merchandising—you need to do the same thing with your website. Inviting imagery, clean design, easy to read type all go a long way to making your site a place visitors will want to spend time and shop.

Now, we admit that these five simple tips to help increase sales are not magic bullets and none will change your business overnight. But paying attention to these five factors of your website will help build more customers, more inquiries, and more opportunities for you to sell your products and services.

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