Facebook Fading? Will Your Brand Go With It?

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A few years ago, housing was hot. White hot. So hot that you had to get a prescription-strength deodorant just to go to an open house.

Today? Not so much.

Around the same time that houses were sweatin’ to the oldies, MySpace was also hot. Today, they let their users access Facebook from their site.

Of course, Facebook is where the action is now, so there’s no risk in keeping your brand tied to this social media powerhouse…or is there?

Earlier this month, marketing extraordinaire Guy Kawasaki suggested to one of his readers that creating a Facebook Page in lieu of creating a stand-alone website may be a better way to garner sales and attention. This article came off the heels of Jeffrey Coles’s assumption that Facebook would be obsolete in five years. To be fair, Guy’s Facebook Page example rested on one of his books that had a short shelf life, not his entire brand.

Still, before you decide to shelve the website for the Facebook Page, you may want to think about how quickly technology changes.

Five years ago, MySpace was king. Four years ago, there was no iPhone. Three years ago, no Android. And only eight months ago, nobody had ever heard of an iPad.

And yes, they’re already creating the next Facebook.

Stay In Control of Your Website

So, if you want your brand to weather the fads, trends, and Zunes that come and go, it may be best to stick with a webpage that you – and not some twenty-something billionaire – can control.

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