Email Marketing Subject Lines: Four Quick Tips to Writing Them Effectively

Brevity is the soul of an email marketing subject line. When your new email marketing message shows up you have a nano second or less to differentiate yourself from spam, junk mail, forwards from coworkers and friends, and all the rest of the tens or hundreds of emails pouring into people’s in boxes. What can you do to get your next email marketing message noticed?

Tip #1 – Keep your subject line to 50 characters

Why fifty? Fifty characters is the typical amount displayed in common email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Tip #2 – Be concise with your email marketing subject line

You need to be succinct, exact, intriguing, informative, and offer incentive to read, all in fifty characters. (Plus not set off spam filters.)

Tip #3 – Leverage the "From" line to build your brand

Use the “From” line to display your company name. It builds brand recognition, trust, and credibility over time. So save some of your fifty characters…you don’t need to put your company name in the subject line.

Tip #4 – Consider WIIFM ("What's In It For Me")

Your email marketing recipient is inundated with email. They have a decision to make when your email marketing message arrives: read it, save it for later, or delete it. The best email subject line tells them what’s inside and why it is worth their precious time to open and read. Keep WIIFM in mind, no matter how you slice it, your email marketing message is all about them. They know it; so should you.

Your Next Email Campaign

When you get ready to send your next email campaign, apply the four quick tips you just learned. Track and analyze the types of subject line that produce the best open rates and click through rates. With time, you will refine those effective subject lines and build stronger and more effective relationships with your clients and customers.

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