Custom MS Access Database Application: Temporary Personnel Agency [Case Study]

The Challenge: Managing Employees, Clients, and Client Orders

A Cincinnati temporary personnel agency needed a better way to manage their 10,000+ employees for all of their clients. When a new request arrived for one or more people, they had to search through thousands of word documents for phrases that matched the request. For example, if a client needed a ‘server’ and a ‘bartender’, the word docs were scanned for either server or bartender, which became very tedious and did not always yield the best results. Also, the office staff needed to gain access to the information during off-hours, which added a level of complexity to the project request.

The Solution: A SQL Server Database, with an MS Access Front-End

There were several unique project requirements to account for during the project design and development phases. For example, most client order requests needed multiple people with different skills. Also, if an employee didn’t show up for work, the office staff would have to scramble to find an immediate replacement.

We worked with the company management and the office staff to fully understand the client order process. We also listed the employee attributes to track and search on. Then we were able to storyboard the system and present it to the stakeholders for their buy-in.

Below are two sample screens from the MS Access/SQL Server Database project:

The employee maintenance screen contains multiple tabbed screens that logically group the data fields.

The order search form contains several customized search fields that ensure the results closely match the client order.

The Benefits: Huge Time and Resource Savings, Resulting in a Strong ROI

The office staff can now manage the database of almost 12,000 employees from anywhere, as long as they have Internet. Overall, the project has saved the company thousands of dollars in office staff resources and greatly improved customer service.

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