12 Tips To Great Web Design [Part II]

In our last blog post, 12 Tips To Great Web Design Part 1, we talked about how to plan and prepare for a great web design. In this post we’ll look at what to expect for presentation of a great web design.

The Presentation of Great Web Design

Tip #4: Let Your Designer Present the Web Design.

Your web designer should never just email you a .pdf of the new website design and ask 'so what do you think'. Why? Website design is so subjective and there should be more to the design than the 'pretty picture' (if it is going to be effective). You need to understand the thought process of why each element was chosen, the rationale for how it was placed, and how it will engage your visitors when they are on the website.  Whenever possible, you should have the web designer put the design on a webpage so you can see it on the screen. That’s how your customers will see it, so that’s how you should evaluate it.

Tip #5: Open Your Mind.

You know a great deal about your business. You even know a lot about what you personally like. Designers also know alot about their business. Web designers and other web specialists spend their time learning about what works on the web. What works today, why it works, and what’s likely to work tomorrow. Don’t get stuck copying your competitor or in the  “but I’m comfortable with something I’ve seen a zillion times before” mode. Be prepared to see something you might not have thought about. Your web designer can offer fresh perspective often.

Don't think you're on the right road just because it's a well-beaten path. — Unknown

Tip #6: Sleep On It.

This is one of those times where making a quick decision is generally not a good idea. Yes, your visitors will make a quick decision—but you are not your customer. It’s very easy to get caught in an emotional reaction. Take a deep breath and wait a day. Or two. On the other hand, don’t become Rip Van Winkle. Nothing is lost by waiting a few days, but the longer you take - the longer it will be before you have a new website - and that could cost you business.

In our Part 3 of '12 Tips To Great Web Design' post, we’ll talk more about how to evaluate the web design to be sure you get a website that works as hard as you do.

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